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A Guide to BTE Hearing Aids

BTE Hearing Aid Display

If you are having hearing issues then you do need to book an appointment with an audiologist. If it’s discovered that your hearing issue is not caused by a physical problem such as a buildup of earwax, the next step is to find the right treatment possibility. There are a variety of treatment options available to you but the main and most common choice is going to be hearing aids. Hearing aids come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. One of the most common hearing aids on the market is behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. Let’s look at what these devices are, who they are suitable for and some of the surprising benefits you may not be aware of.

What are BTE hearing aids?

As you might have guessed, BTE hearing aids are designed to be worn mainly behind the ear. The most important parts of the hearing aid are enclosed in a tough, durable, plastic shell that sits behind the ear and is connected to a thin plastic or metal hook. This slots over the ear to keep the device in place at all times through the day.

From the plastic case, there is a small, thin tube that reaches the other part of the device which fits inside your ear. This is the transmitter, providing the sound from the device straight to your ear canal.

The device is the largest option available on the market and the least subtle. However, today, you can get mini BTEs which are far more easily concealed and hidden behind your ear or hair.

Why choose BTE hearing aids?

There are a number of reasons why BTE hearing aids might be the right choice for you. The first is that these devices are large enough to pack in a lot of tech. The tech we’re talking about here can provide a range of benefits. For instance, you can get BTE hearing aids with noise masking options. The device then provides a gentle sound which can be used to block out the noise you might hear if you are suffering from hearing issues like tinnitus.

BTE hearing aids can also typically be gained on the market at quite low prices. The lower cost means that they are the most affordable option, regardless of your financial situation. They are also one of the most likely options to be fully covered by an insurance provider.

Who are they suitable for?

Some styles and types of hearing aids are only suitable for types of issues and levels of hearing loss. You’ll be pleased to hear that this not the case with BTE hearing aids. As an audiologist will no doubt tell you, BTE hearing aids can be used for virtually any type of hearing issue that you are experiencing. You might then decide to just focus on getting the right features that you need. The good news is that these types of hearing aids often include them all, so you won’t be missing out on any you need.


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