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Hobbies that Require Ear Protection

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Indulging in hobbies is one of the best ways that you can spend your spare time. It's enjoyable, it's relaxing and it's an excellent way to blow off steam when you need to wind down. Hobbies can lift your spirits and help you to develop as a person, but if your hobbies are causing your health some issues, then you need to reconsider what you're doing in your spare time.

Hobbies are supposed to improve your mental and physical health and yet there are risks to think about. You wouldn't go bungee-jumping without a rope to ensure you bounce back, so you shouldn't indulge in hobbies that expose you to loud noises without proper ear protection. Let's take a look at some of the hobbies that require you to have adequate ear protection.


Being able to create beautiful furniture is a skill that most people will envy, but it's also a skill that requires you to use loud power tools. Carpentry is one such hobby that needs you to have ear protection, as this will help you to protect your ears and reduce the risks that come with long-term damage.


Whether you are hunting pheasants or you are shooting clay pigeons, ear protection is a must. The level of noise that is generated when you pull a gun is way above the levels where hearing damage is a thing. Custom-made earplugs are a good idea here, as they can help to prevent the exposure to excessive noise and keep your ears shielded.


Whether you are behind the wheel or merely watching the sport live, it's always a good idea to have ear defenders or earplugs for your ear protection. The noise levels can go over 100db and this can be impressed upon you for hours on end, too! Enjoy the race without the damage to your hearing or tinnitus when you get home. The right ear protection as recommended by your audiologist can help to keep enjoying your passion for motorsports without any of the damage afterward.


Seeing a favorite singer or band live is a privilege, a pleasure and a great hobby to be involved in. The problem? The vast speakers that are bombarding you with sound. Wearing the right ear protection can help you to lower the noise levels, stopping your hearing from being damaged and allowing you to dance to your favorite tracks without consequence.

Enjoying a hobby that involves noise requires you to take steps to protect your ears. When in doubt, speak to your audiologist and get the right advice for you. This could involve using earplugs that have been custom-made, wearing headphones that will cancel out the noise of the world around you and even choosing to step away from certain hobbies that could be damaging your hearing for good. Take the time to learn which hobbies will be best for your health and you can continue to enjoy life.


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