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What Conditions Can an Audiologist Treat?

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Are you having trouble with your hearing or perhaps your ears in general? If so, you might want to book an appointment with an audiologist. An audiologist is an expert in hearing conditions and the inner workings of the ear. They have the knowledge and experience to both diagnose and treat a wide range of hearing issues. Here are some of the problems that an audiologist can help you with after you book an appointment. In many cases you may not even realize that you are suffering from these conditions. But an audiologist will certainly recognize the signs and be able to offer the support that you need.

Hearing loss

You might find that you are suffering from hearing loss. It’s worth noting that people do not always notice an issue or change to their hearing. The brain allows us to adapt and think that there isn’t a problem at all. That’s why it’s best to get your hearing checked quite regularly, perhaps once a year. It’s also important to understand that problems with hearing loss can occur at any point in life. It’s particularly common these days for young people to suffer from hearing loss due to exposure from loud noise. If you do notice an issue, you need to get your hearing checked out sooner rather than later. An audiologist will be able to recommend treatment which usually involves hearing aids. Alternatively, they might simply suggest preventive measures so your hearing isn’t damaged any further.


You might have noticed that you are hearing noises which aren’t there. This could be a humming, buzzing, whirring or hissing. It could be any type of noise that other people can’t hear but you can and it can have a severe impact on your life. There are two types of this condition known as tinnitus. One is subjective and the other is objective. One can be heard by just you while the other can be heard by an audiologist using a listening device. While a certain form of tinnitus can be essentially cured completely, the other is often a lifelong condition. However, an audiologist will be able to provide treatment in the form of coping mechanisms. This will ensure that tinnitus does not impact your quality of life.


Many people are often unaware that audiologists can also treat balance conditions that are often caused by the inner ear. If you are suffering from vertigo or dizziness, ti’s best to get your inner ear checked out for issues such as Meniere’s disease. This and other similar equilibrium conditions can be treated by a trained audiologist who will provide you with complete relief.

Impacted earwax

You might also find that you have a buildup of impacted earwax. A problem like this can cause similar symptoms to tinnitus and may even be quite painful. While it’s possible to remove earwax yourself, this can be dangerous. Instead, it’s best to get a professional ear cleaning from an audiologist. They will be able to carefully and safely remove the earwax that could be impacting your hearing.


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