When Should I Update My Hearing Aid

Dr. Marina E. Kade Hearing Health

Dr. Marina E. Kade

There is never a wrong time to talk to your hearing health care professional about the possibility of updating your hearing aids. It could be that your hearing needs have changed, your hearing aids aren’t working as well as they used to, or you just want to try out newer hearing aids with better features. It will be well worth it if you need to upgrade to make sure you can listen without stress and in comfort.


Here are some reasons why you might consider replacing your hearing aids.


Have your hearing needs changed?


Do you have trouble hearing when you’re doing the things you like best? You might be wondering where to start. Knowing if your hearing has changed since your last prescription is an excellent place to start. Depending on your hearing, you may or may not need to see a doctor when you do these things. It might not be you, but your hearing aids or something else that needs medical attention.


Every day, there will be wear and tear on your devices. Because we wear hearing aids on our bodies, our ability to hear through them gets worse. They have to deal with rain, extreme heat, sweat, dirt, and even earwax. They will get clogged if you don’t clean your hearing aids often. If the hearing aids are still not working right, they may need to be fixed.


Has your lifestyle changed?


Have you been noticing changes in your life? For example, have you stopped enjoying talking to your loved ones on the phone because you can’t hear them enough? You might not be able to hear the TV as well as you used to. Have family gatherings become too much for you because your family has changed? When you lose interest in things you used to enjoy, you should look at all of your options.


To make the most of these changes, you might want to think about and upgrade your hearing aids. The technology that is available now can make your life better in a lot of different ways. You might have a hard time getting to your hearing specialist. Now that technology has improved, your doctor can do a fitting from afar, so you don’t have to go to the office. Technology has made hearing aids better than they were years ago, so the lives of people who use them are better now.


Today’s technology makes listening less tiring when you have to strain your ears. Because technology has improved, you won’t miss that phone call, the voices on TV, or the words to your favorite song. Today, you can easily stream everything you love from your phone to your hearing aids. It’s easier now because of new technology.


Do your hearing aids require a lot of maintenance?


It’s essential to clean your hearing aids regularly. The things that happen to each person are, however, different. Some people might need more cleaning, maintenance, repairs, or replacements than others. This could be affected more by where a person lives. It could also depend on how a person’s body is made up. For example, one person could make more wax than another.


The health of your ears is essential. Cleaning hearing aids regularly is very important if you use them. But each person is different. Some people may need more cleaning, maintenance, repairs, or replacements than others. This could be because of things like humidity in the air around them. It could depend on how a person’s body is made so that some people make more earwax than others. 


Some hearing aids may wear out faster due to these conditions. 


Replacing your hearing aids could make the difference.


Getting help for hearing loss should be a top priority for anyone whose hearing has gotten worse. Losing the ability to hear can be devastating. Hearing is an essential part of life. There are so many things out there that can help your hearing problem. Anyone with hearing loss who wants to get help can be sure that they will find the best solution for their hearing health.


Changes in your hearing could be a minor problem or a big one. Our staff can test your hearing and help you decide if hearing aids would help you. We can show you how to clean your hearing aids properly and regularly. We can also check your hearing to see if any changes might mean you need to see a doctor.